Just Because I’m Fat…

…Doesn’t mean I can’t be fashionable.
Over the past few years, I have struggled to stay up to date with the fashion trends, because something that looks beautiful and oversized on a size 8-10 tends to look like a tent on my figure.
I have had a search around on the internet and found a few outfits that could be considered ‘fashionable’ but still size appropriate.

ASOSCURVEswingdress ASOSChelseaAnkleBoots

ASOS Exclusive Swing Dress w/ Slash Sleeves £25.00
ASOS Atlanta Chelsea Ankle Boot £42.00

This is an outfit that would look fabulous on any plus size lady, although if you were conscious of your legs you could pair the dress with a pair of thick tights or leggings. The ankle boots are a current favourite of mine, especially if you pair them with some frilly socks peeping out of the top. I think it adds a young, funky edge to the outfit.
I haven’t included any accessories with this outfit, as everybody has different styles. Personally, I would wear a spiked necklace to add something to the dress and I would carry a tan or grey handbag, to break up the darkness of the outfit.


ASOS Curve Floral Jumpsuit £40.00
Topshop Crossover Platforms £58.00

This is the kind of outfit that I would wear on a night out, whether I was going out to dinner or out to the pub with my friends. It would look lovely with a leather jacket slung on over the jumpsuit, and if you aren’t a lover of platform shoes, it would look quite cute and quirky with flat chelsea boots.
As for accessories, I would carry a black clutch bag, and I would add a long necklace or a big, chunky statement necklace.

Well, I hope that this post has given you a tiny bit of inspiration for different outfits ideas.



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