How I Went Blonde…

So its been a fair while since I have blogged. I’ve been crazy busy with starting a new job and trying to find my feet with a guy (ooooh).

Anyway! This post is going to be about how I turned my hair from ginger (dyed) to a cool ash blonde.

I started off using Colour B4 Extra Strength, as this is the one that is recommended for red hair. It comes in 3 parts, similar to a normal box dye. You get Part A which is the activator, Part B which is the remover and Part C which is an after treatment buffer. 



I used this on all of my hair, starting at the bottom and working my way up to the roots, using a tint brush and a bowl as I find it easier that way. I left the remover on for 60 minutes as stated in the instructions. When I rinsed the remover off I then had to use the buffer. This is the crucial stage, you need to lather half of the buffer into your hair for 10 minutes to remove all of the colour molecules. Then you wash your hair normally with the remaining buffer. 

When I dried my hair it was a warm golden blonde colour, which was nice, but not what I wanted. So then I moved onto the bleach!

I used Jerome Russell Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach and the 40% vol peroxide.



I used this on my hair twice, with a nourishing hair mask in between, which I left on overnight! I left the bleach on for 60 minutes each time. This turned my hair a brassy yellow toned blonde, with slightly orange ends where the bleach had reacted with my natural pigment in my hair. I mixed up another bowl of bleach and then added the same amount of uncoloured shampoo to it. I put this all over my hair and left it for 40 minutes to develop then lathered it up and rinsed it all out. After I had done all this I went out and got a box dye from Garnier called Natural Dark Ash Blonde, which when applied to my hair it looked grey! I will admit to panicking at this point! 



After this, my hair was a gorgeous ash blonde with subtle highlights due to my hair being a few different shades from the bleach. 

Obviously I know that bleaching hair this many times in the space of 2 days in not a good idea, my hair is not in the greatest of condition now, but I have started using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Conditioner and Brazilian Keratin Oil treatment to start nourishing my hair again, so I can have a soft shiny blonde head of hair! 




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