Stepping Out Of The Box…

So to speak….

This week I have been inspired by the ladies in a bloggers group on Facebook, you know who you are! They all speak with such freedom about some of the pitfalls we face as larger ladies, which I won’t go into as you probably already know if you are reading a PS blog. 

I would love to be able to wear pretty dresses and cute ballet flats without worrying about the downsides…can anybody say ‘chafing!’ However, I may have found the solution thanks to one of the lovely girls in the group. Cycle shorts…or Anti Chafing Shorts…oh how glamorous! I’m sure us plus size ladies have all experienced ‘Chub Rub’ and know how uncomfortable it can be. but thanks to the girls, I have found a few different websites that sell these shorts, and I shall leave the links below.

All Woman anti chafing long leg knickers

This leads me onto my next point. I have been putting together a few different outfit ideas over the past week to help me out of my fashion rut. I went shopping with my Skinny Minnie friend, and I tried on a crop top…now, it was awful. But! I chose the wrong style, it was floaty and very pattered with nowhere near enough material to cover the ‘girls’, it got me thinking though. If I chose a longer crop top with sleeves and paired it with a skater skirt or high waisted trousers, whose to say it would look awful? 

I trawled through various blogs to find an example of how I would want my outfit to look, when i came across Gabi Fresh, now the look below is one I have fallen head over heels with…



Photo Credit:

I adore the ‘vintage’ feel to this outfit. The classic black stilettos and the a-line skirt. it all flows together beautifully. The small amount of skin showing on the stomach/waist area just makes it a bit more modern and casual.

Apart from lusting over skater skirts and crop tops this week, i have been lusting over distressed jeans. So much so that I have 3 different pairs that i have fallen in love with and I’m trying to decide which pair to buy! 


Photo Credit:

Above are a pair of jeans that I have fallen in love with. I think they would look so cute dressed up or down. You could recreate the outfit above or style them in your own way. Personally I would wear these with a basic, slouchy tee and ballet flats. 

Alternatively, you could throw on a plain white/black vest and a floral kimono, such as the one below from Forever21. 


Photo Credit:


I think kimonos can hide a multitude of sins, whether you aren’t so keen on your bum, hips or stomach. I find my problem area is my stomach, at time I can look pregnant, which I hate with a passion! But i’m fairly accepting of the rest of my body. 

I’d love to know what your fashion favourites are at the moment! 


Toodles! ❤ xoxo


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