New Look Inspire WishList

So, with payday just around the corner, I have already started looking for new clothes. My current wardrobe is very basic and safe, with little colour. Now I wasn’t ready to jump out of the comfort zone completely, but here are a few pieces I have picked out that I will definitely be trying on come payday!

ImageInspire Black Floral Print Skort – £14.99

These floral shorts are absolutely stunning. I can picture them looking lovely with a loose fitting vest top or tee, with a pair of Converse or ankle boots w/ frilly socks. My friend actually pointed these out to me on a recent trip, and I instantly decided that I needed to try them on when payday finally rolls around.


Black Floral Print 2 in 1 Playsuit – £19.99

I’m not a huge playsuit lover, as I find they can cut my body off in the wrong place and make me look larger than I am. but this one is beautiful. The shorts are flowy and loose fitting and the top has a beautiful, but subtle slit down the back, which fortunately doesn’t reveal any bra straps! Again, I would pair this with a pair of chunky ankle boots and frilly socks, or thick tights and a leather jacket for the winter.


Inspire Blue Acid Wash Denim Skater Dress – £17.99

Stepping away from the floral print, this denim look skater dress. Its made of a very soft material and it quite fitted. However, it kicks out at the right place and gives the illusion of a waist, even if you don’t really have one (like me!). This dress would look lovely with a white/cream cardigan, and ballet pumps.

Its only a short wishlist, but I’m trying to buy key pieces that I can wear over and over, rather than sticking to the latest fashions. Hope you enjoyed!

Toodles xoxo ❤


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