London Calling…

So I know this is primarily a fashion blog, however, I thought I would put together a lifestyle post after I spent a day with my family conquering one of my fears.
It may sound silly to some people, but I have always been scared of going into Central London. The noise, the hustle & bustle and the sheer amount of people make me nervous. But I did it, and it was fantastic!

We travelled up early on Sunday morning, and stopped in St Katherine’s Docks for a coffee at Cafe Rouge.


Then we walked up one side of Tower Bridge to Butlers Wharf to take some pictures and take in the atmosphere. I experimented with some artsy shots of my Starbucks cup…how original eh!


Butlers Wharf was so posh, I almost felt out of place. We walked along the riverside and took a bunch of pictures, especially my mum who came home with nearly 200!!


To finish off our day, and essentially the whole point of our trip was to see the poppies ” Blood Swept Lands & Seas of Red” It was completely and utterly breathtaking.


I would happily go back again and spend more time, as you could walk around for hours and find something new with every turn of a corner.


Here’s a snapshot of me, my mum and my dad!

Toodles! ❤ xoxo


8 thoughts on “London Calling…

  1. Popped down to Tower Bridge the other day to see the poppies. You’re right, it’s absolutely breathtaking and so moving. And to think it isn’t even finished yet! You should come to London more often- we’re not that scary! x

  2. We’ll done for doing it Hun 🙂 xx – I get scared like that too sometimes. Im new to this blog thing so would be great if you could take a peep at mine :)!

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