My Day in Westfield Stratford

So last month I visited Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford for a meet up with some other Plus Size bloggers. I was both nervous and excited as doing something like this was a huge step out of my comfort zone.

I decided to drive into London with my mum, as she is my security blanket for times when I know I am going to get nervous of anxious. We parked up and met up with Mookie, her husband Mike, and her friend Heidi, all of whom were lovely. I felt a little bit more at ease once we had met up with people I knew.

By this time I was getting more and more nervous about meeting the other girls as I had never met them before, as it turns out they were all lovely and I had nothing to worry about! I’m awful at remembering names, but I’m gonna give it a go! We met up with Michaela, Abi, Becky, Tanya, Mookie,Heidi, Lucie, Nicola, Sharon, Bianca, and Leah. Sorry if I forgot anyone!

First thing first we ventured into Forever21 as I was told they have a good plus size section, I found a few things that I liked, in particular a couple of skater dresses, which fitted me perfectly and also have the added bonus of pockets!


I picked the dress up in the 2 colours they had available, They are made out of a sweatshirt/jersey material, and so far they have washed up amazingly.  I decided to try on a crop top for a laugh, as I knew that I would look ridiculous in one…turns out I was right! I’ll save you the horrific picture evidence 🙂

It was going well, until we all decided to go for lunch, thats when the panic kicked into overdrive and it all got a bit too much. I struggle with social situations anyway, and on this particular day Westfield was rammed! You could barely walk 3 steps without bumping into someone or being knocked by someones bags. The other girls all went into TGI’s and I ended up staying outside with my Mum and Mookie. I decided that I couldn’t cope with the business and the hustle and bustle of it all so my lovely mum took me to Marks & Spencer’s cafe and we sat and relaxed with a cup of tea for a while.

The drive home was also hell, there was a 3 car accident which caused the North Circular to become a car park. But we got home eventually!

All in all, it was a good experience for me, and I took a huge step out of my comfort zone. I’m very glad that I went and didn’t decide to back out last minute.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Toodles! ❤ xoxo


7 thoughts on “My Day in Westfield Stratford

  1. Hey lovely, WELL DONE for going and doing your best despite being anxious. I know what it is like to feel that way and it really hinders me. The dresses that you picked up are lovely 🙂 xxx

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