Inspired By….

Hi Lovelies!

At the beginning of this year I started my Slimming World journey. I decided that I wanted to lose weight, not only so I could look better, but also for my health. I follow a lot of ‘Plus Size’ lovelies on Instagram, and some of them have really inspired me. One in particular is Georgina Horne from


Source –

Seeing her transformation has inspired me to start working harder, as she looks phenomenal! She still has a beautiful shape, and some amazing curves, but she is toned and fabulous!

Another lady who has inspired me to start loving myself is Gabi Fresh from She just oozes confidence, and puts the belief in me that I can rock a bodycon dress without worrying about VBO!


I love checking out all the lovely ladies I follow and stealing inspiration from them!

Go and check out Georgina and Gabi at the links above!

Toodles! ❤ xoxo


2 thoughts on “Inspired By….

  1. I too love getting inspiration from other lovelies on instagram and the like 🙂 I want to try out the pinup style look but haven’t a clue how to achieve it. This is a really lovely post and I think it’s nice to shoutout to who inspires you at times 🙂 I know without many of you I wouldn’t be blogging right now xx

    1. I love the pin up look, but personally feel I’m still a little too un-toned to pull it off comfortably. There are so many other lovely ladies who inspire me so I may make this a monthly thing!
      Thanks for reading Felicity ❤ xo

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