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Hi Lovelies!

Todays post is going to be a little different. This post is about the new Style For Stroke collection that BooHoo will be officially launching on Wednesday 13th May.

The collection is available at and they retail at £10.00 for a Tee or £12.00 for the hoodie, which is great value.

Here is the beautiful Sarah modelling one of the tee’s!


But onto the main point of this post. In 2009 Sarah Scott had a stroke. You may have seen her if you watched The Undateables or you may have seen her and her mum Joanie on various daytime TV shows. I have known Joanie since college and can still remember the day she received the phone call to tell her about Sarah.

Here is a direct quote from Sarah explaining exactly what happened :

Sarah Scott – 24

I was at school in Hertfordshire, just about to take my A levels when I had a stroke. I was reading aloud in class when suddenly I couldn’t speak. I had pins and needles in my arm and leg and I felt sick. I didn’t actually think I’d had a stroke, I didn’t realise at that time that it could happen to younger people. That was in 2009. I was in hospital and rehab for 5 months, I had to learn to swallow, walk, dress myself. Unfortunately I have been left with an invisible disability.

I have aphasia. About one in three people who have a stroke have this condition and it affects your speech, reading and writing, understanding money and numbers. I’m still the same inside, but expressing myself is hard. My mum is helping me to write this. I’m having speech therapy, which helps, and I run a monthly Stroke Association support group for young people who’ve had a stroke. I recorded some You Tube videos to show how my rehab was going and they have had over a million views!

Stroke has changed my life. I didn’t go to Uni, I took up Riding for The Disabled and I ride horses and do dressage (I had never ridden a horse before!) I love to go to the gym and cinema and go shopping. I really love fashion – so being involved in Style for Stroke is brilliant, to raise awareness of stroke and to show that the image of someone who has suffered a stroke might not be what you think.

Sarah x

Sarah should be an inspiration to many young stroke sufferers, as she has shown that a stroke doesn’t put a stop to you living a normal full life. She has conquered the battles that having aphasia presented, and the last time I saw her, which was about 6 months ago, we were able to hold a proper conversation.

Sarah’s mum Joanie has been uploading videos of Sarah’s progress on her YouTube channel which you can visit here :

The collection is lovely, and I have picked my top 2 that I will be purchasing on payday!


Style For Stroke Zoella Slogan Tee – £10.00


Style For Stroke Famous Last Words Tee – £10.00

Please check out this collection,as it is for a fabulous cause and tweet me pictures @lisawonderlandd if you buy anything!

Toodles! ❤ xoxo

*All views/opinions are my own. BooHoo have not compensated me for this post*


2 thoughts on “Style For Stroke

  1. I really like these t shirts and the fact they support a fantastic cause is a bonus. I cannot imagine how something like a stroke at such a young age would affect your life but the way Sarah has handled it and her positive outlook is inspirational.

    1. It’s great! £5 from each shirt goes towards a stroke charity. Sarah is hugely inspirational and the work that her and her mum do is fabulous! Thanks for reading m’lovely xoxo

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