Strawberry Fields

Hi Lovelies!

Warning – This will be a picture heavy post 🙂

Last weekend me and my mama travelled up to Great Yarmouth to spend some time with my family and to go strawberry picking. The weekend turned out to be a bit of a disaster! The Pick Your Own farm we had planned to go to was shut due to bad weather, so we ended up travelling to Rackheath to a place called White House Farm. The whole place was lovely, and a blogger/photographers paradise. Cute little chalk signs, quirky designs on the walls and animals roaming free.

We went with my 2 cousins, Michael and Marie, and we took Michael’s children along with us too. The weather was a bit wet and miserable, but it didn’t stop us having fun, and it didn’t stop me from getting some lovely pictures.


The farm had some really quirky pieces, such as the bike park, which actually had 2 bikes hanging on the wall. All of the flowers and plants were planted in bath tubs, sinks and other household objects, and it really felt like somewhere ‘fashionable” that would be situated in somewhere like Soho, or Camden Market.
All of the fruit picking sections had cute chalkboard style signs and the sign on the wall is written in such an informal way that is comes across as super friendly and inviting.

Collage 2

The farm also had a farm shop, which had the most amazing looking cakes, and tables made of recycled stable doors. I resisted the cakes, although they looked incredible they were pretty overpriced. I’ve included a couple of sneaky pictures I snapped of my cousins, as I really love candid photos that capture the moment.


Some more experimental and sneak photos! My mum just happened to have a handful of strawberries when I realised that her holding them like she is in the picture could look really beautiful, so I immediately made her stop and hold them so I could snap a picture. The flower is a Strawberry Plant flower, which is edited to make the bigger flower look sharper. I use Instagram to edit all my pictures. The bottom right picture is Michael and his son, again, it was a sneaky picture that they had no idea I took!


Me & My Lovely Cousin Marie

Onto my outfit for the day. It wasn’t incredibly practical, but I wanted to look nice. I picked my usual high waisted skinny jeans from Matalan, and a grey top which was kindly gifted to my by Mookie ( Over the top I wore my new lilac boyfriend coat from Matalan also, which was only £12 in the sale! On my feet I wore a pair of flat ankle boots from BHS.


I think we should end this blog post with an arty shopping basket shot…I got some funny looks and a few giggles from my little cousins when they saw me arranging the items I was buying. The farm shop was pretty expensive, so I just got the strawberries we had picked, a can of San Pellegrino Lemonade and my mum got a Posh Pop Pear & Elderflower cordial.


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Toodles! xoxo ❤


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