Birthday Babes & OOTD

Hi Lovelies!

Its been a while…again! But I’m back with a new post with some lovely pictures from Mookie’s birthday!

Mookie from and her daughter Liv-Annie had a joint party to celebrate their 40th and 18th birthdays. It was held at a lovely country pub in Guildford, and the garden had been decorated with lanterns and vases.


We had planned to take some outfit pictures, but we didn’t manage any serious ones!



Leah from

Becky from

Tanya from

Mookie from


Me and the beautiful Mookie. This lady has been such an amazing friend to me, and has really improved my self confidence. She’s a true superstar!


Me, Becky & Tanya. This was only the second time I have met these lovely ladies, but it didn’t feel awkward, at least for me!


Present Time! There were both giggles and tears but it was lovely to see Mookie and Liv-Annie both be so happy and spoilt!

So, on to what I wore! I wanted to be comfortable yet still look put together, so I went with a aztec print playsuit from Asda, some flat black ankle boots and black tights.


The playsuit has a cut out detail on the back, which I think would look a lot better without a bra poking through the back! Unfortunately I didn’t think to put a camisole on underneath so I just styled it out!


I had an amazing day, and made some new friends too, so thats a bonus! Please check out all the gorgeous blogger babes on the links above!

Toodles! ❤ xoxo


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